The Roommate Calculator

Roomie-Calc is a calculator that easily and fairly helps you determine the amount of rent that each person in your rental unit should be paying. It considers such factors as the total common area in the unit, the size of each person's bedroom, whether there are any private bathrooms, and if any bedrooms are shared.

Just enter the information as shown for as many bedrooms as you have in the unit. If you only have three bedrooms, just fill out the first three rows. When done, hit Calculate, and each person's rent will be shown. That's all there is to it!

Note: If you live where square meters are used instead of square feet, just multiply your square meters times 10, and enter those numbers.

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The area of a room is equal to the length times the width, in feet.

You may decide to round rents to the nearest quarter. For instance, if rents shown for two people are $429.81 and $370.19, for simplicity, you may decide to round those to $429.75 and $370.25.

The sum of all rents may not equal the total rent due to rounding. For instance, it may show each of three people owing $333.33 rent on a $1000 a month unit. The sum of the rents is off by a penny, which someone will need to chip in.

For the above calculations, a private bath is considered equal to 100-square-feet added to the bedroom area. So, one person in a 100 square-foot bedroom with a private bath will pay the same amount as one person in a 200 square foot bedroom without private bath. This is done to give a greater weight to private bathrooms than merely their square footage.